Attracting new, needed talent

Out of recognition of the centrality of talent as economic development in the modern economy, Longmont EDP has raised and committed substantial financial resources from their Reach for the Peaks campaign to develop a national economic development marketing campaign with an emphasis on talent recruitment. This campaign is developed in concert with a local marketing firm, Avocet Communications.

About This Initiative


Dec 2019         Final data assessment and alignment finished

Jan 2020          Early creative development finalized

Feb 2020         First launch of creative and campaign

Mar 2020         Ongoing deployment

Jun 2020          Review deployment and new creative

Outcomes & Alignment

  • Increased migration of young talent to Longmont and the region
  • Increased skills match to available high-skill jobs across industry
  • Increased visibility of Longmont as a career and quality of life destination
  • Success Metric: Increasing net migration of 25-34 years old
  • Success Metric: Steady employment-to-population ratio

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