Collective impact aligns organizations, people, and resources to implement what matters.

Our collective impact framework:

Backbone Partner

Providing organizational and staff support for Advance Longmont 2.0 by guiding initiatives, working with community working group co-chairs, and chairing the steering committee.

Steering Committee

Monitoring progress of all initiatives and providing strategic guidance and input. The Advance Longmont Partners guide the work of the overall implementation.

Community Network

Our action-focused partners and community leaders are organized into working groups to design action plans and roll out specific initiatives that accelerate community and economic impact. These initiatives are designed to achieve the strategic priorities in Advance Longmont 2.0.

Advance Longmont 2.0 Focus Areas

Strategic Focus #1

A Powerful Talent Infrastructure


Longmont successfully recruits and retains new, needed talent while building an industry- and future-responsive talent infrastructure.


  1. Build industry relevant talent pipelines to respond to current demands
  2. Design effective career pathways to meet future demands
  3. Invite new talent into our community from around the nation

Strategic Focus #2

Vibrant Placemaking


Longmont is a vibrant and amenity-rich community that offers a diverse mixture of options for play, food, culture, and unique experiences.


  1. Create engaging and colorful urban centers, especially in downtown
  2. Develop a vibrant river corridor as a strong community asset
  3. Ensure residential affordability for current and future residents

Strategic Focus #3

Thriving Business Climate


Primary, local, and startup companies in Longmont thrive with a collaborative business environment and easy access to financing, real estate, and mentorship.


  1. Pursue strategic growth in each targeted industry cluster
  2. Construct a powerful “no wrong door” ecosystem for all businesses
  3. Attract new real estate investment to meet primary industry and startup needs

Strategic Focus #4

Comprehensive Transportation


Longmont is the gold standard for multimodal transportation, offering multiple modes and points of access throughout the city, region and the nation.


  1. Build a comprehensive intracity multimodal transportation system
  2. Connect Longmont to the region with an accessible transportation system
  3. Invest in the future development of the Vance Brand airport as an integral infrastructure asset

Strategic Focus #5

Collective Problem Solving


Longmont is nationally known as a city that solves problems together: we unite organizations, resources, and people from all sectors to implement what matters.


  1. Transform the Advance Longmont Partners into a world-class collective impact group
  2. Increase funding for economic development and business development
  3. Leverage private sector leadership in all initiatives