Prosper Longmont

Increased Workforce Housing Attainability

There are significant pressures on Longmont’s housing market. Median home prices are now beyond what a growing share of local workers can afford and continuing to appreciate at an unprecedented rate. Current policies that restrict housing supply have created an environment in which home prices continue to outpace income levels. Prosper Longmont is an initiative designed to advocate for a Longmont that thrives and whose residents and workers prosper through a balanced approach to the creation of attainable housing that ensures the needs of our current generation are met without compromising our future.


About This Initiative


  • Providing solutions on housing attainability 
  • Increased home ownership for our local workforce


  • Success Metric: Increased home ownership to a diverse community
  • Leading Indicator: Increased supply of home ownership resources and programs
  • Summer 2021: Coalition established
  • October 2021: Launched Initiative to advocate for Attainable Housing in Longmont
  • November 2021: Presented initiative to City Council
  • February 2022: Prosper Longmont panel / 2022 Advance Longmont Economic Summit

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