No Wrong Door Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

A powerful no wrong door ecosystem

Local ESOs will construct a powerful no wrong door ecosystem to provide a mutually beneficial platform for organizations and local entrepreneurs. This will facilitate an industry-driven critical skills analysis for Longmont to identify competencies for current and future jobs.


About This Initiative


  • Digital transformation of Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Broad understanding of entrepreneurial engagement


  • Success Metric: Increased 5 yr. survival rate
  • Leading Indicator: Increased engagements


  • Apr 2020: High-level data aggregated
  • Mar 2021: Finalize contract for StartupSpace integration
  • Jun 2021: Onboarding begins
  • Nov 2021: Initial test run/partner feedback
  • Jan 2022: StartupSpace goes live
  • Q2 2022: Anticipated StartupSpace launch

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