Industry-led Regional Approach to Micro-Credentialing

A business-led approach to skill tracking

Previous approaches to micro-credentialing have fallen flat and have not obtained wide-spread use or understanding among industry. This initiative would create an industry-led system for micro-credentialing to be used by the school district, workforce centers, community college, and even universities. It would support a comprehensive approach to regionally recognized skills.


About This Initiative

  • May 2020 - Finalize plan for industry engagement
  • Jun 2020 - Convene industry partners
  • Aug 2020 - First draft of credentialing system finalized
  • Sep 2020 - Review with industry partners
  • Oct 2020 - Finalize micro-credentialing system
  • Comprehensive Boulder County system for micro-credentialing with industry and partner buy-in
  • Easy skill transferability between employers
  • Success Metric: Steady employment-to-population ratio
  • Leading Indicator: Decrease in the skills gap for talent in advanced industry jobs