The Next Evolution of Economic Development

We've developed a transformative economic development strategy that seeks to develop an inclusive economy, align our community around collective impact, and move the needle on the issues that matter the most.

Advance Longmont 2.0 champions growth, prosperity, and inclusion.

These different lenses support innovative projects and initiatives to build a more resilient local economy and provide opportunity to our whole community.

Advance Longmont 2.0 is designed around collective impact.

Collective impact aligns organizations, people, and resources to implement what matters. Our goal? Longmont will be nationally recognized as a community that solves problems together.

Advance Longmont 2.0 is a data-driven economic development strategy.

Our priorities were informed by and designed with data. Our Data Dashboard showcases the data we used to develop this strategy and ongoing metrics we examine as we move to implementation.

Explore the next evolution of economic development

See Our Vision

Advance Longmont 2.0 envisions an economy developed through three lenses: growth, prosperity, and inclusion. These three lenses are crucial to our work in the 21st century and sit at the core of our strategy.

Understand Our Framework

Collective impact requires new levels of cross-community work: one-off collaborative projects aren't enough to achieve our vision. By grounding our work in a nationally proven model, Advance Longmont 2.0 elevates economic and community impact as a guiding principle.

Explore Current Initiatives

Our community working groups are in charge of developing action plans and tactical initiatives that accelerate community and economic impact. These projects align with our strategic priorities outlined in Advance Longmont 2.0.

Investigate the Data

Data guided the development of our strategy. Key metrics in growth, prosperity, and inclusion – as well as industry growth, quality of life, and others – inform the priorities of Advance Longmont 2.0.